Why do humans need oxygen?
By Ethan W
How oxygen affects the body
Why do humans need oxygen? Well the simple answer would be to live but I am going to go more in depth. All living bodies need a constant supply of fresh air or oxygen or else bad things will happen to their bodies. Within seconds of having no air the body will die or in human case suffer irreversible brain damage and or die. Some things (species of animals and plants) are much more sensitive to lack of air than others.
heart diagram blood oxygen.jpg
Figure 1: This is a diagram of blood and oxygen flow through the heart.

While breathing the body will accumulate waste. In this case waste is carbon dioxide. The body has get rid of this waste. The process of getting rid of this waste is called respiration or breathing. During respiration the body expels the carbon dioxide (which in solid form is dry ice) and sucks in fresh oxygen.

Earth and Oxygen
Oxygen is a very is one of the most if not the most important gas on earth. Oxygen is the most abundant element on Earth. Humans need 4% oxygen per day. Without oxygen human tissue will die.

  • oxygen bear.jpg
    Figure 2: Oxygen can be used for medical purposes

  • Carbon Dioxide: a colorless incombustible gas, CO2 formed during

  • Oxygen: a colorless odorless reactive gas the chemical element of atomic bomb number 8 and the life supporting component of air.

Respiration: The action of breathing.

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