What is the Difference Between Mass and Weight?By Kaitlyn Watkins2012

What is The Difference?
Weight changes depending on the local force gravity. Mass cannot change even If the gravity is different. Weight is the gravitational pull on an object. Mass is the amount of matter in an object. The bigger th
the moon and earth weight difference.jpg
He has the same mass but a different weight
e object the more gravity pulls on the object. Let’s say that you are on the moon. You would have the same mass as on earth but your weight would change. In the diagram the person is on earth. The earth is bigger than the moon so the force of gravity pulls on him more. Now the same person is on the moon but gravity does not pull on him as much because the moon is smaller than the earth. Even though he is on the moon his mass is the same as it was on earth.

Mass and weight
Mass is how much matter is in an object. The bigger the object the more mass it has. Everything has mass except pure energy and the waves that carry it. Weight depends on the local force of gravity. Objects have different weights because the bigger the object the more gravity pulls on it. Let’s say you have a basketball and softball. The basketball is bigger so it would have a bigger mass than the softball. Gravity would pull on the basketball more than the small softball. Therefore the basketball would weigh more than the softb
balls droping at the same time.jpg
the balls are falling at the same rate
all. If you put both the balls on the moon there masses would stay the same but there weights would change. Even though the balls are on the moon the basketball would still be heavier than the softball because gravity would still pull on the basketball more. If you dropped both the balls at the same time they would fall to the ground at the same rate.

Gravity is a force that pulls all objects to the earth. It also attracts objects at the same rate. Let’s take the basketball and softball from earlier and we drop them at the same time. They would hit the ground at the same time because of gravity. The moon is smaller than the earth so when you are on the moon you are experiencing weightlessness. Sense the moon is not as big as the earth it does not attract you like earth does. When you are on the moon it still attracts you it is just not as strong. The moons gravitational pull is only one sixth of the earth (so you would weigh one six of what you would on earth.) Some things that gravity strongly affects are the flight of an airplane, the flight of a rocket, and briges suporting weight.

Gravity-a pulling force that acts upon the universe
Mass-the amount of matter in an object
Matter-the “stuff” in an object that gives it mass
Same rate-two objects doing something at the same time
Weight- The gravitational pull on an object. (The larger/bigger the object the more gravity will pull on it and it will be heaver)

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