What is Respiration

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Date of publication: 9/30/11

Respiration is the
process of which helps give animals and humans live. This happens in the cells, it almost always uses the exchanging of the two gasses, carbon dioxide and oxygen. This is called Aerobic respiration. When organisms take in oxygen, it combines with a substance called glucose. A process in living organisms is the intake of oxygen and the releasing carbon dioxide. Different animals take in oxygen in different ways, respiration starts when we take in air through our nose or our mouth and the air travels down a series of passages and organs to get to the lungs. Some cells in the blood take in oxygen, these cells are rounded and flat, the cells are red and carry the oxygen in the blood cells to the heart and they go back out every time we take a breath

This is a picture of respiration and what happens to the lungs when you inhale or exhale air.

healthy_lung.png unhealthy_lungs.jpg
The second image represents unhealthy lungs from a smoker

People yawn in a sign of boredom or tiredness. Yawning can seem contagious when you see someone yawning sometimes you will start, or thinking about yawning can make you yawn.

Is the fast intake of air is caused by a muscle spasm that is right below the lungs or near them and if you have the hiccups too long it can be a medical problem, you can get the hiccups by breathing odd or bending odd and inhaling.
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While young with allergies to pollen or animals can cause asthma
There is no cure for asthma but inhalers can help with relaxing the lungs and let them loosen up so you can breathe with out struggling

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when you inahale smoke it can make your lungs grow bumps which are cancer in the lungs. when you smoke it make you lungs all cloudy in side and very inflamed, the reason people keep smoking is because it is addictive, they know that it can kill them but they do it anyway.

Respiration: the physical and chemical processes by which an organism supplies its cells and tissues with the oxygen needed for metabolism and relieves them of the carbon dioxide formed in energy-producing reactions

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