What is Projectile motion?

Miriam W


What is the study of motion called?
The study of motion is called mechanics.

What is kinematics?
Kinematics is the science used to describe moving objects. There are some important words you need to know. Scalars and Vectors. Scalars are quantities that are completely described by their numerical value or magnitude. Vectors are quantities that are completely described by magnitude and direction.
Other helpful words
Mass- Mass is the measure of the number of atoms in an object. It is not the same as weight! Weight changes depending upon where you are in the solar system. Mass never changes.
Velocity(v)- rate of change in an object’s speed over time
Force(f)- the push or pull on an object
Acceleration(a)- increase in rate of change in an objects velocity
Parabola- the shape formed by a projectile in motion
Position- location in space
Free fall- Any object falling towards earth because of gravity is in free fall

What laws govern motion?Sir Isaac Newton was a seventeenth century scientist who described why objects move or don’t move. His ideas came to be known as Newton’s Laws of Motion. There are three laws of motion. They are:
1st Law of Motion is the Law of Inertia.
This Law states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. Inertia is the resistance that an object has to changes its state of motion.
2nd Law of Motion- Law of Constant Acceleration
3rd Law of Motion- Law of Momentum
The Law of Inertia is the most important Law for describing projectile motion.
What is a projectile?
A projectile is an object upon which the force acting is gravity.
What is projectile motion?
Projectile motion the that a projectile takes. That path is a called a parabolic trajectory, and it takes the shape of a parabola. A projectile is an object which the only force acting on it is gravity
What are examples of projectile motion in modern life?
There are many examples of projectile motion in modern life. Many occupations use projectile motion. Some occupations are if you are in the army you would use it to fire missiles and shoot guns. NASA uses it to launch rockets and satellites. And CSI units use it to calculate where a bullet was shot from. Middle school students use it. Although they might not know it, they form parabolas when shooting a basketball or hitting a volleyball.
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The bullet is the projectile.

This diagram shows gravity.

This picture shows a parabola
The top line shows a path with no gravity.
The middle line shows projectile motion and the bottom line shows The top line shows a gravity free path.
only vertical motion. The bottom line shows a parabola resulting from gravity.