What is electricity
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Atoms and electrons –
  • Atoms are the smallest pieces of matter that has characteristics properties of a chemical element.

  • Electrons are the lightest charged molecule.
Energy and Electricity-
  • You use electricity in almost everything you do!!
    You use electricity when you take showers, When you cook, And when you brush your teeth!!
    Sometimes you hear people say lets save energy and not use a lot of electricity!
  • Electricity is also called energy. Here are some other things that have electricity in it.
  • Lightning, heating, and running appliances and those are made by generators.
  • electicity.gifGenerator are caused by the current flow by moving a magnet past a coil wire, and it pushes electrons through the coils and wires.

Static electricity
  • The push and pull from extra electrons makes static electricity.
  • Sometimes static can cause lightning sparks and shocks from the static electricity.
  • To make static electricity you can take a balloon and rub it against your head and it will make your hair stick up and form static.
  • It makes your hair static because the electrons from the balloon go to your hair and your hair has extra and that’s how electrons in it your hair becomes static.

More electrons
  • So any city lets say New York City, so New York City’s power plant produces electric current and sends it through thousands of wires.
  • Metals have electrons but their not exactly tightly connected to their nuclei, and that means they are free electrons because they are more on the go or mobile.
    They are mobile because they can’t be set on one way because they are more on the side of electric current.
  • Electrons are a member of the class leptons, in a neutral atom electrons are the same amount of neutrons in a nucleus. Electrons are the basic part of electricity.

Pictures –
picture the diagram of electrons and electricity http://www.google.com/

picture of the electricity and outlet found on September 20, 2011
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