Inclined Planes
By Chris T
What is an Inclined Plane?
An inclined plane is a simple machine that helps you be able to push something up or down a raised surface. For example, if you have to put a heavy barrel from the street to a storage truck, it would take a lot of force to pick it up and put it in the truck.But if use an inclined plane, or a ramp, than you can roll it up into the truck.
What other things is it similar to?
An inclined plane is also called a ramp or a rake. A rake (not the kind you use to rake leaves with) is a gradually rising platform. An inclined plane is the same thing, except it helps move objects from a lower or higher surface to a higher or lower surface.
How does an inclined plane work?
The catch is that it takes more distance to get the object to the destination. The formula for the inclined plane to see how much force it takes is distance times force. For example, if you had to carry 100 newton of force (newton is a unit of force) 4 feet up to the truck bed, you might not be able to push it up to the truck bed because it is so heavy. If you use an inclined plane, it will be easier to push up. What happens is the less force it takes to push the object up, the longer distance it is to push it, so it adds up to the same amount of newton you have to push/ carry, it is just easier because you don’t have to carry it all at once.
How did the inclined plane get its name?
The way that the inclined plane got its name is that it started as:

The Sloping Flat Thing

But since that is not very detailed, they changed the words to something more technical:

The Inclined Plane.

Inclined has the same meaning as sloped, and a flat thing is also called a plane, so they are both the same, except Inclined Plane is more detailed.

What are some examples of inclined planes?
Some examples of inclined planes are stairs, ramps, and many other things. People in many time periods have used inclined planes. In Egypt, they used inclined planes to pull obelisks into place. People also used inclined planes to haul the massive Stonehenge blocks into place. A modern example of an inclined plane is a slide.

My Diagram
This is an example of how an inclined plane works.


My Pictures
This is a picture of an inclined plane and what happens when you use one.

These are the simple machines. There are 6 simple machines, the lever, the inclined plane, the pulley, the screw, the wedge, and the wheel and axle.

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  • Rake: A surface that is slanted or gradually slanting (ramp)
  • Newton (A unit of force)