Contribuled by: Brent S
Date of publication: 9-30-11

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Air resistance is the force that Keep objects from falling really fast, or really slow. Let’s say that a leaf is falling from a fifty one foot tree, and a branch is falling from another fifty one foot tree at the same time the leaf was. Which object would hit the ground first, the leaf or the branch? The branch would fall first because it had more mass and that means that there is more Air Resistance on the leaf tan on the branch. Air resistance is also called a drag.
In the picture below you see an Elephant and a leaf falling at the same time the Elephant is going to fall first because there is less air resistance acting on the Elephant


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Mass is very important for air resistance because it depends on of much mass an object weights for air resistance to act on it. In other words the more mass an object weights the less the air resistance acts on it.
As you can see to the picture to the left that there are to men on a parachute falling at the same time, the guy in the blue parachute is going to fall first because he has more mass.


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Gravity is very important to air resistance because gravity pulls objects down but air resistance keeps the object from falling to quickly. Without gravity everything would be flowing, but without air resistance a leaf would fall from a tree as fast as an elephant would
Fall from a 50 foot building!

Figure 1 Testing air resistance

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Mass-How much something weights
Gravity-A force that pulls objects to the center of the earth
Parachute-A device that keeps people from falling really quickly, by caching air

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