How does a pulley work?
By: Olivia, F

This diagram shows how the pulley is used. The pulley is a simple machine that is combined with a wheel and a pulley.
The Pulley

The pulley is a simple machine that is used to make things less weight then they really are. They are made like a wheel with a grove in it that can hold a rope; by pulling the rope the object on the other end is being lifted. There are two kinds of pulleys there is a pulley and the movable pulley. A pulley is a wheel used to move power or force by means of a rope or cable is called a pulley. Sometimes you don’t have to have a person pulling the pulley it can just have a counterweight. The more wheels that a pulley has the more friction is caused.

Fixed Pulley

The fixed pulley anchored to one spot and it only changes the direction of the object but doesn’t reduce the weight. It only has a one support strand and it only takes one person to hold it. Fixed pulleys work when a force is pulled on the chord. The chord runs through the wheel as the more force is applied. This pulley is only good for objects that don’t weigh that much. With the fixed pulley system the object moves the same distance the rope is pulled in.
This shows the different types of pulleys and the force that is needed to pull it. The pulley on the left is a fixed pulley and the one on the right is a movable pulley

The Movable Pulley

Movable pulley is a pulley that moves along a rope as you pull it and one end is fastened to a hook then you can start to pull it over. The movable pulley has two support strands which needs more force to pull over because there is more friction between the different wheels. This wheel is fixed to carry

very heavy weight so that this can be used for different kinds of jobs. The rope runs over the upper pulley then through then down and around the second wheel. This allows it to only go half the distance up but takes away a lot of the weight.

Block and Tackle Block and tackle is a bunch of different wheels used to raise sustainable loads that has two sets of 3 or more wheels. Each wheel is set free to rotate on the same axle, the upper set is for support, and the lower set is attached to the object. It is a combination of a movable pulley and a fixed pulley. A block and tackle can take away a lot of weight of the object. Keep in mind while you are adding more wheels more friction starts to happen so it is harder to pull.

This pulley is a block and tackle pulley these are usually used when things weigh more


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Counterweight- something that pulls on a force to move it up or down
Friction-Surface resistance to relative motion, as of a body sliding or rolling
Anchored- to fix or fasten to a surface so that something will stay there