air signalsHow an HDTV Works
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The HDTVs screen

Air signals from satellites in space
ElectricHDTV.jpgal signals are sent through air signals from satellites in space. These air signals connect to different cable signals from your house that connect to your TV. Signals from space are turned from word signals to audio signals, picture signals, and color signals. Your cable signal decodes these words and numbers into these audio, signal and color to make a picture. There are many signals are going through the TV at once.

When electricity reaches the edge of the TV
These electrical signals touch the edges of the illuminated pixels and liquid crystals making color. There are thousands to millions of illuminated pixels and liquid crystals that make the lines very straight.
Add-ons to the HDTV
Another add on to the HDTV is usually surround sound. The.electrical signals from space that are going to your TV also go through cords that connect to speakers that are all around where you sit. Many other things that are new about the HDTV make it so much more realistic. Such as the more rectangular shaped TV, or the skinnier width (flat screen). Scientists experiments show that your eye sight is more rectangular than square. On older TVs the shape was squarer like. On the newer HDTV it is more rectangular so it seems more realistic.

Taken out parts from older TVs
The more modern technology has many less items in the interior part. Most items such as the huge speakers, cathode tubes, a shadow mask (AKA the grill), and also a phosphor coated screen, have all been reduced smaller or taken out and replaced by newer more efficient items.

How air signals work

An science powerpoint.jpgHDTV is just about a way that we broadcast signals digitally into pictures. Different TV stations are connected to the satellites in space. They send signals of what they want the picture to be like and the satellite transfers the words down to the different houses and changes them to picture color and audio signals.
The picture on the screen
Not only does the HDTV make the picture better by the screen, it costs less money because you do not need to buy the big satellite dish to go on top of your house. Older TVs had huge expensive dishes on the top of their houses which are made to connect to satellites. Now TVs have small underground cords or even just a signal that connects to satellite signals.

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High definition- A more crisp clear picture that is shown on the screen
Illuminated pixels- the smallest digital “bump” on a digital scree. Thousands to millions on the TV screen.
Liquid crystals- “bumps” also located on the TV screen. Filled with atoms and liquid. When electricity touches these it creates light.