Two tablets dissolving in water
A close up object dissolving

submitted by: Will S
last updated: 9/28/11
  • This is dissolving
  • Dissolving is when a base hits a neutral or acidic substance and it begins to split apart into thousands, millions, or even billions of tiny particles
  • It is a subject of matter along with atoms and other substances that make up larger things and wholes
  • An example of dissolving is when a “Fun Fizz” dissolves in water…
A diagram…


  • Soon the particles fill up the whole glass or bottle

Dissolving is the process of many particles and atoms breaking apart from each other after being formed together. This happens when usually a base such as baking soda, fun fizz, baking powder, and carpet cleaner makes contact with an acidic matter or a neutral matter such as water. Many of you have either use or seen the commercial for “Kool-Aid Fun Fizz”. The particles break apart. That is because it is a lot of sugar and other powdery substances formed together. They then spread even more into microscopic pieces. Another similar meaning to dissolve is to disappear. Basically it is the same concept. Everything spreads. And that is dissolving!