Recycling. When you hear that word, you probably think of a lot of things. Well, recycling is the action of reducing, reusing, and recycling. The different ways you can recycle is a list somewhat like this. Drop off recycling centers are places where you can go, after you have a lot of recyclable paper products, you can go drop them off here. Then, we have home recycling pick up, that is when (every week) a recycling truck comes to all the houses in the neighborhood, and it empties your recyclable products into a truck, where it takes to a recycling center and puts it there to be recycled. You can also recycle by making a compost pile. That is when you take things like egg shells, banana peels, coffee grounds, etc., into a container, and when its full you just dump it in your compost pile or bin. Businesses also pay to get their recyclables picked up, and the cool thing is that sometimes they get money for it. There is also Business Composting, where they send compost to composting centers. Another way to recycle is to leave your grass clippings, leaves, branches, etc., on the lawn because there are program that do it for you for free, and they bring all the waste back, and recycle it. Lastly, you can recycle by taking your items that you don`t need anymore, and donate them to a reuse center, instead of throwing it away to go to landfill.

Recyclig Drawing 2.JPG

In the picture the girl puts used notebook paper in the recycling bin. In doing this, she contributed to a new poster board, which prevented another tree from being cut down.

Recycling Picture 3.JPG
In this picture is an example of home recycling pick-up, as you can see, the recycling truck is going to pick up the recycled products and move on to the next house.

Recycling Materials
We`ll start with the materials that you can recycle, because you can`t recycle if you don`t know what to recycle. You can recycle a lot of paper products like notebook paper, copy paper, that sort of thing. You can also recycle steel, glass, aluminum cans, and foil. But these aren`t the only things you can recycle. You can recycle everyday items, like candy wrappers, and pipes. Also, when recycling you want to make sure that you do not recycle materials that cannot be recycled, such as tissues, envelopes, etc.
Reduce-to bring down to smaller extent
Reuse-to use again
Recycle-to use something that has already been used, and turn it in to something else and use it again.
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