What is Potential and Kinetic Energy
By: Jillian R., 2012
What is Kinetic Energy Kinetic energy is energy that is working, it works by putting things into action. For example when a roller coaster goes down a hill as it is going down it has kinetic energy,

but when it stops it no longer has kinetic energy. Kinetic energy can come in many forms like light, hea, mechanical, electrical, magnetism and gravitational energy.

kinetic and potentail jr.jpg

What is Potential Energy?
Potential energy is energy that is stored. For example a roller coaster car like you see in the diagram is sitting at the top of a drop and not moving but when the roller coaster starts to move it turns into kinetic energy . Potential energy can also come in different forms like nuclear and chemical energy.

The Use of Kinetics and Potential Energy

In nuclear power plants they use potential energy in a form of nuclear energy to create some of the power you use every day. In chemical labs they create chemical energy which is a form of potential energy to create cleaners that you use around the house every day. The way that this is potential energy is that it can potentially be put into action to clean something.

Figure 2 another diagram that shows potential and kinetic from Google.

Magnetism is a form of kinetic energy. The way you use magnetic energy is when you stick a magnet on your fridge to show off your good report. When you use the magnet it puts into action the magnetism that is in the magnet. When you stick the magnet onto the fridge it has kinetic energy. Another way you can use magnetism is when you use a compass to show which way is north or south. The compass has a magnet in it that automatically makes the needle point to the North pole, because the needles magnetism is opposite from the North Poles magnetism. Another example of kinetic energy is . you light a fire it gives off heat. It gives off heat from the flame, which can warm or burn anything you put into the fire. Anything that goes into a fire turns from potential heat energy to kinetic heat energy.
I conclude that potential and kinetic energy are an important part of everyday life. You use both forms of energy in your life without realizing it. Like heating food in a microwave or turning a page in your book. Without potential and kinetic energy our lives would fall apart.

Chemical energy: Energy released from a chemical reaction
Elastic potential: potential energy that in things that are stretched and or compressed.
Electrical energy: Energy made from an electric charge
Gravitational potential energy: potential energy hat depend on height
Heat energy: the form of energy that is temperature
Kinetic energy: energy that is active
Light energy: energy that is in the form of light
Magnetism energy: energy that is required for a magnetic field
Mechanical energy:Energy of an object because of its motion and or position
Nuclear energy: the splitting ofuranium atoms from the process of fission
Potential energy: energy with potential to do something

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