Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
By: LexiL757
Early Life
  • Born on October 19, 1910 in Lahore, India
  • He had about 10 siblings including him
  • He was homeschooled until he was 12
  • Went to Hindu High School and finished when he was 15
  • Went to Trinity College and University of Cambridge
  • He was educated in Indiachandrasekhar.jpg
  • Got a Ph.D. in 1933
  • Was an astrophysicist
  • Became a U.S. citizen in 1953
  • Won a Nobel Prize for creating a currently known theory explaining the origins of black holes
  • Died 1995

What is an Astrophysicist’s Job?
  • To discover how the Universe works
  • To find Earth like planets
  • Explore how the Universe began
  • Learning about the full history of stars and galaxies

White DwarfsScience Bio.jpg
  • Stars like the sun turn into white dwarfs after it lets out its nuclear gas
    • When the star is almost done burning its nuclear gas it gives off most of its outside layer which creates a planetary nebula
    • The core of the star becomes a hot white dwarf that measures in temperature using the Kelvin scale
    • Then the white dwarf cool down in the next billion years or so

  • White dwarfs are half as big as the sun but bigger than Earth
    • The density is 1x10 to the 9th km/m to the 3rd
    • White dwarfs are 200,000 times as dense than Earth
    • One of the densest collections of matter

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