Isaac Newton
By AbbyH458

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Personal Life:
Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642 in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, United Kingdom. He was born just after midnight on Christmas Day. His father died three months before he was born. When he was older he went to Grantham grammar school nearby and lived with his uncle that lived in that town. Isaac was very good at science and he found answers to hard mathematical puzzles and scientific curiosities including gravity. Isaac had great success at Grantham grammar school but Hannah took him out of grammar school. . Isaac started college at Cambridge on June 4 1661. Isaac wanted to learn more about gravity. Isaac Newton died on March 20 1727 at the age of 84.

Inventions/ Discoveries: In college he started to think more about gravity. In the meantime Isaac discovered another amazing discovery; he discovered the rainbow effect trick. Isaac discovered the rainbow effect trick by cutting a slit in a piece of cardboard and putting it on a window sill. Next he put a prism up to the light and he saw a range of the top ranging from violet at the top to red at the bottom. Isaac was fascinated with his discovery, people have seen that before but they didn’t know why it happened. After his discovery with the rainbow effect trick Isaac went back to studying gravity. Isaac was still fascinated that one object could affect another objects without being connected by strings or wires. Isaac thought that there was defiantly some kind of attraction that was invisible to the eye. That was when Isaac discovered his three laws. Newton’s first law is an object at rest stays at rest unless a force acts on it or an object stays in motion unless a force acts on this, this is also known as inertia. Newton second law is an objects acceleration depends on the mass of an object and the amount of mass applied to it. Newton third law was is every action has an equal reaction. Newton also discovered friction. Friction is two objects rubbing against each other to create an item to stop. Without friction a ball would keep rolling and rolling and would never stop.

Interesting Facts on Isaac Newton:
• On day Isaac was sitting out under an apple tree and an apple hit the top of his head that was when gravity came to Isaac and he wanted to learn more about
it and how it works.
• At age of 26 Isaac was already a professor in math
• Isaac discoveries about light and movement were used to make the first flights to the moon
• Isaac believed a secret religion that didn’t believe in the Holy Trinity
• Newton earned the title of the Warden Royal Mint

1643 Isaac Newton was famous
1670 Isaac Newton discovered prism light
1686 Isaac Newton discovered his three laws of motion


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