Who Found out about your DNA? Rosalind Franklin!taylorw783
What she studied
Refer to double helix to learn more and see the diagram!
Rosalind Elise Franklin studied the double helix which makes up your DNA. At first there were two men named James Watson and Francis Crick they knew all particles of DNA. They just didn't understand how they all fitted together. Rosalind was studding the DNA molecule with crystallography. Crystallography is a 3-D x-ray that allowed them to see the whole molecule. She was the first person to discover the last part of the DNA molecule that stumped so many before. She would have received the Nobel Prize but died before she could of cancer. Doctors believe she got cancer while using crystallography to find the last piece of the puzzle to DNA. She died on April 16, 1958 at the age 37.
Early life of Rosalind Elise Franklin
Rosalind was born on July 25, 1920 in London. She attended Newnham College. After attending college she conducted many different studies on DNA. She worked with biophysicist Maurice Wilkins while conducting her studies.
Double helix
The double helix is a part of your DNA. It makes you who you are. Many scientists have tried many times to figure out the double helix, but only Rosalind Elise Franklin was able to accomplish that. She couldn't receive an award thought because she died of cancer. Even though she didn't receive the award we still remember the great thing she accomplished.


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Rosalind Franklin and The double helix diagram
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rosalind franklin posing for a piture after becoming famous
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