Robert Koch
OccupationMedical scientist- someone who job it is to design and prove medicines for diseases for all types of humans/animals.

Birth – Born December 11, 1843

Death-Died March 27, 1910

Place of Birth –Born in Clausthal, Germany

Known For-
Robert Koch is known for taking the first pictures of bacteria and discovered how tuberculosis spreads. More famously he is known for winning the 1905 Nobel Prize for phycology or medicine and demonstrating to the world the first definite proof that a particular microbe causes a particular disease-Koch’s Postulate (so picture below). His role in identifying the specific causative agents of tuberculosis, cholera, and anthrax helped him get even more famous.

Science explained
Koch’s postulate is used for giving support of that a disease is infectious. This means that you can prove that the same type of bacterial that gives me the influenza virus will also give you the influenza virus, instead of giving you strep throat so that you can concentrate on how to kill that one type of disease. Discovered that dieses could travel man to man through cells and how to prove what a disease does (Koch’s postulate). Robert Koch also took the first pictures of bacteria and contributed enough effort towards a vaccine of anthrax that Lous Pasture cold not have come up with the disease without him.

  1. 1. Interned at a hospital in Hamburg ,
  2. 2. served in battlefield hospital during Franco-Prussian war,
  3. 3. Professor of Hygiene at The University of Berlin,
  4. 4. appointed to the royal health institute in Berlin,
  5. 5. made director of a great institute to pursue his researches
Did you know
  1. 1. Won 4th Nobel Prize for medicine for his investigations and discoveries in relation to tuberculosis.
  2. 2. Traveled to Egypt and South Africa.
  3. 3. Hailed as a demigod in japan and
  4. 4. Became like pope of medical science when made first cure for tuberculosis.
  5. 5. Came up with Koch’s postulate
  6. 6. His wife gave him his first microscope.


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