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Robert KochBy MadelineK001

Early Life

Robert Koch was born on Dec 11, 1843 in Clausthal Germany. When he was young he wanted to be an explorer and he had a collection of plants, small animals, and minerals. He went to University of Göttingen for collage and studied medicine in 1862. Robert Koch wanted to be an expedition doctor. After graduating from the University of Göttingen he got an internship with a hospital in Hamburg. After finishing school he became a country doctor and got married. On September 6, 1868 his wife gave birth to a baby girl they named Gertrud. On his 28 Birthday his wife Emmy Fraatz gave him a microscope. Which, he used to study bits of matter with. Robert Koch became a bacteriologist and studied anthrax and other diseases.

Robert Koch discovered how anthrax spreads and how anthrax can pop up suddenly. Anthrax can affect all warm blooded animals including humans. There are different types of anthrax and all of them can affect humans though some are worse than others. The different types are cutaneous, and gastrointestinal. There are three different types of ways you can get infected by anthrax cutaneous (through the skin), respiratory, and gastrointestinal. Robert Koch identified and grew anthrax cells and infected healthy animals with it to find out and prove what types of microbes cause which infection. In Poland he demonstrated the first good proof that certain microbes cause certain diseases and infections. Anthrax can pop up suddenly because if the conditions are not right the anthrax sell will form a hard shell like a cocoon so it will survive that harsh period. When the conditions become good for the anthrax sell it will become active again. In 1882 Robert Koch studied the Tubercle bacillus which causes Tuberculosis (TB) and was first identified by him. Tuberculosis can be spread by droplet infection of contact. In 1883 he went to Egypt and India to study cholera microbe. In 1890 announced the discovery of tuberculin which was first thought to be a cure for tuberculosis but they were wrong and it didn’t cure tuberculosis. Koch went to study tropical diseases in East and West Africa. Robert Koch died on May 28, 1910.


Anthrax is a disease that is one of the oldest known dieses. It only affects mammals which includes humans. Anthrax can produce a rod shaped spore which aloes it to survive a long time in harsh conditions. Anthrax fooled scientists for a long time because of its spores. Anthrax has also been called woolsorter’s diesis. There are two types of anthrax cutaneous, and gastrointestinal. Cutaneous is not as worse than gastrointestinal. Only 20 % of the time anthrax is fatal. Most of the time it is fatal because they get the gastrointestinal type. Cutaneous is more common than gastrointestinal. Anthrax can form spoor to help them survive harsh periods like snow, cold, lack of oxygen, and drought. It mostly affects animals like cows and sheep. It can spread by inhalation, and physical contact.

Fun Facts

v He got married before he turned 28 years old
v He died when he was 67 years old
v He got a microscope when he turned 28
v He wanted to be an explorer when he was little
v When he was a young boy he had a collection of plants, small animals, and minerals
v Won the Nobel Prize in 1905 for medicine
v Anthrax is sometimes also called Woolsorter’s disease
v Tuberculosis was once called consumption
v Had 10 siblings
v Learned how to read at the age of four


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