Robert’s Rockets

By: Waynef797

Have you ever wondered how rockets travel at such a fast speed? Rockets are important for many reasons. Two of these reasons include that rockets are used to explore beyond the clouds and sky and they are used as a weapon in combat. Robert Goddard was a scientist that made the fastest rocket in the world. Although Robert made the fastest rocket on earth, many people don’t know about him and his scientific invention. This paper will describe Robert’s background and history, how he made his rockets, and why they are known as a big discovery in this world. Robert Goddard died on August 10 1945.
Robert was born on October 5, 1882 in Worcester, Massachusetts. When he was in his teens, he loved to study rockets. Later in his life, he made a rocket faster than the speed of sound. Eight years before he made the rocket he had a vision, thinking about how it would be so cool to have a device that could fly all the way to the moon without stopping.One year after the speed rocket was made, he made another rocket.This rocket was twice the speed and traveled two point seven miles without turning back.Robert was so determined to make the rocket that he launched his first one in the middle of the street during broad daylight.The police came and thought it was a gunshot but he told them that he was just doing a project.The police later told him that he could not launch rockets’ in the street.They also told him that he had to launch them in big fields.Later in the 1950s, he began a new job working with the U.S. military.Robert worked in the air force department. His rockets that flew in the 1940s were small but were more complicated than the super-fast V2 missile that was going to be launched against Europe two years later.WRF discriptive drawing of Robert Goddards Rocket.png
WRF Robert Goddard picture.png
This is Robert Goddard posing

Robert Goddard made many different rockets with different methods each time. The method for his first rocket was to have a spring on the back of the rocket, have a really heavy pendulum dangling behind it, and then let the pendulum go so it will hit the spring and the rocket would fly. Robert added on to another rocket scientist’s idea for his second method which was to put a nozzle on the back of the rocket right in front of the jet wheel. For his third method he thought that putting the rocket head above the fuel tank would make the launch more stable. Since this third rocket was fueled by liquid he had to put the gas inside a tube and pump it into the rocket until the rocket was full. For the last step he let the rocket burn for twenty seconds and then launched it. This rocket flew about fifty feet high and got unstable and fell back to the ground.
Rockets are important because they provide defense in the military and in the army. Robert’s invention was significant because it convinced the government to believe that rockets could be powered by liquid fuel. His rockets were also important because they were the first rocket to launch in battle. Robert always made sure everything was in order no matter what it was he had a long checklist to make sure everything was ok before he launched the rocket. When Robert went to the military, he worked on rockets. This was very important to the military because his rockets helped them defeat Mexico in their first battle.The military thought of Robert as a gift from heaven because of this defeat.
Robert Goddard was a scientist who made missiles and rockets that flew off of liquid fuel. In 1915, he demonstrated that rocket engines could be fueled by liquid but nobody believed him so he did it on his own. Later after he made the rocket that was faster than the speed of sound, the government saw the proof of his idea. Thankfully, many people have used his invention in many ways, such as protecting our country.