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By: NatashaC350

Robert Fulton was an inventor of canal-based machines. He was a scientist who kept on trying no matter what came in his way. Robert Fulton was a distinguished inventor and also had many other talents.
v Robert Fulton was born in Little Britain Township, twenty miles south of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
v He was born on November 14, 1765
v Died on February 23, 1815
v Lived to be 50 years old
v Died in New York
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Little Britain Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

v Fulton was known for inventing the double inclined plane which could help boats go to and from places
v Double inclined plane could raise/lower boats from the water in the canal
v Known for a machine that could dig canal
v Published a book A Treatise on the Improvement of Canal Navigation which could help people with their own canal skills
v Invented his own submarine (Nautilus) which could help the military hide underwater during war
v Constructed a paddle boat called the Clermont with a wheel on each side to help get across the water more easily
v Invented torpedoes that could be used to help in war in addition to the Nautilus:

NC Double Inclined plane.png
The Double Inclined Plane

v Robert started painting in Philadelphia
v He went to London to study painting
v He was inspired in London by the beautiful boats in the canals, and soon found himself deep into inventing
v Fulton then went to New York to assemble the engine for a steamboat

NC Nautilus.jpg
Diagram of the Nautilus

Did You Know?
v Before Fulton designed canal based machines, he thought that he was going to be a painter
v Employed by PA gunsmiths to make designs
v Started doing portraits in PA
v Then studied painting in London, England.
v Robert eventually also became an Author
NC Fulton's Nautilus.jpg
The Clermont

NC Fulton Torpedo.jpg
Fulton's Torpedo


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