Robert Boyle
By Elsaf319

Early life
Robert Boyle was born in Ireland on January 25th 1627. Robyn was the 14th child of his family. People called him Robyn, not Robert. Robyn was a very honest child, He always told the truth. Robyn’s father was one of the richest men in the world, and the most powerful man in Ireland. Because his father was so wealthy, Robyn got great education. Robyn loved having the privilege of his great education. Robyn wanted to find out answers to problems not just by using books, so he started doing experiments to find answers.
Scientist life
Robyn took up studies in Geneva after four years of college at Eton College. Robyn went to college at Oxford next. At Oxford he met someone named Robert Hooke. Robert Hooke became Robyn’s assistant. Robyn and Robert made an air pump that was an improvement to the other air pumps. The two studied from their creation. Robert was the first chemist to isolate and collect gas. Robyn also formulated the laws of physics. He also had his own law called Boyles law.

His law was discovered this way: he trapped some air in the end of a ‘J’ shaped test tube. Robyn was able to observe the effect on its volume by adding more mercury. He found that if you doubled the amount of mercury it doubled the amount of pressure. If you triple the amount of mercury, it tripled the amount of pressure.
His experiment, the air pump was a mix of other experiments involving air and its effects. Their air pump was able to create the best man-made vacuum to date.

Interesting facts
  • When Robyn was younger he accidentally took too much medicine and got very sick, he had to go to London to get the correct medicine to heal him
  • Robyn Boyle, John Wilkins, Christopher Wen, and John Locke. they individuals, together with a few others, formed the “Experimental Philosophy Club”
  • He is the man that was responsible for the establishment of Chemistry

Later in life
Robyn died on December 31st 1691 at the age of 64. Robyn was a very healthy man but then his health started to get really bad. Robyn died from paralysis. He was buried in the churchyard of St Martin-in-the-fields.

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This is the Air Pump that Robyn And Robert made