Percy Lavon Julian


Early Life

He was born in 1898 in Montgomery, Alabama. His grandfather was born into slavery. His mother and father were railway workers and teachers. He was born into slavery. He learned at DePauw University. Then switched to the University of Vienna to go further with learning about molecules.

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Discoveries and inventions

Robert Hayden discovered sex horomones which is how you make kids. He also made the fire extinguisher witch stops fires quickly instead of calling the fire department and waiting while your house is burning down, he created eye medicine, created a number of drugs for arthritis which is when your joints become very uncomfortable for your joints and made his own company.

Personal life

He did not receive a scholarship. Made lots of products. Had a hard time with life. He did receive a master’s degree. Founded sex hormones. He felt inadequate. He faced a world of racial prejudice and discrimination. His life was not easy for him because he was black and people did not believe he could do things that whites could do. He died in February 25, 1980.


Fun facts

He was nearsighted

Received a master’s degree

Received a PhD in 1931


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