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- He was born on July 29, 1856 in Smilijan, Croatia
-Nikola Tesla was a very bright young boy and also youngest of 4.
- He worked for the famous Thomas Edison at age 28 and that is where he got his telephony experience.
- He eventually got fired for antagonizing with his boss, (Thomas Edison) although by that time he was already brilliant enough to succeed without Edison’s help.
- After he got fired a lot of other people desired his services.
-His biggest invention changed the world.
-He had an idea to create electricity and I don’t mean when it’s storming. He decided to make electricity on the inside.
-He converted an A.C. power transmission, also known as the Tesla Coil, to use the power and make it into artificial lightning.
-When he went to the cool mountain air to experiment, he hit the Tesla Coil on the ground to see if the vacuum tubes, he placed miles away, would light up it worked successfully.
-He also tampered with radio transmissions so eventually he would have made music, send messages, special reports, and eventually change the world.
-Even though his colleagues doubted him he was determined to be ignorant and him with that ignorance he made one of the greatest inventions of all time.
-He was granted more than 100 patents from the U.S. alone.
-He was in court with Marconi, because they were unsure who made radio communication first, even though Tesla should have won due to him inventing it first, Marconi took home the money and the win.
-He was a lecturer for 2 years
-Tesla and Edison, his past boss, were assigned the noble prize…together; Tesla was so disgusted he told them he didn’t want to be awarded with the noble prize with someone, who wasn’t a real scientist.
-After his death they made a whole museum about his inventions and how they worked.
-His dad was an orthodox clergyman
- He died in 1943 age 86

-Tesla is still awed and respected from this day, because he made a name for himself despite what other people were saying he could and couldn’t and once again do make the impossible to the possible.
-Tesla had a bright imagination that was always flooding with ideas.
-He has changed the course of history in some shape or form.
-Also a very key thing is YOU would not be reading, emailing, texting, listening to music, using a computer, or anything having to do with electronics if it weren’t for him.

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-The scientist, Nikola Tesla, of course and everyone who support him……and me.

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