Mary AnningBy: ColinZ801
Early LifeCJZ England Lymee Regis.jpg
  • Mary born May 21, 1799
  • Born in Lyme Regis on the south coast of England
  • Richard Anning died when Mary Anning was young
  • Grew up to become an paleontologist
  • Discovered many different types of dinosaur
  • Discovered Plesiosaur when 24 years old
  • Looks like a lizard and shaped like turtle with a thin neck
  • Ten bones in each finger and four paddles
  • Mary discovered the Ichthyosaur skeleton -a fish lizard
  • 5 ft. 20 ft.
  • Discover dimorphodon
  • 3 and a half feet long and like a raven with sharp teeth
  • First Winged discovery outside of Germany
  • Discovered Squaloraja
  • Small creature and like a fish
  • 1 and a half feet long
CareerCJZ MAry Anning.jpg
  • Discovers new types of dinosaur
  • Did not get full credit for the discoveries
  • Works in Lias and Lyme Regis
  • Went to auction to sell dinosaur bones for money
  • Didn’t get a lot of money for dinosaursCJZ Dinosuar.jpg
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