Louis Pasteur’s Great Discoveries
By: MatthewM576

Louis Pasteur was a famous scientist that helped cure rabies, silkworm diseases and more. Louis Pasteur was born on December 27, 1822 in Dole, France. In 1827 he went to school after he moved to Aboris, France. He got a doctor of science in 1847. That same year at the University of Strasbourg, he became a professor of chemistry. He met Marie Laurent at the University of Strasbourg; two years later in 1849 he married her. They had five children, three of which died when they were young. Louis Pasteur died on September 28, 1895.
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Louis Pasteur
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In 1857 Louis Pasteur wrote a paper about how lactic acid soured milk. To prevent souring we now use what Pasteur invented, Pasteurization. Pasteurization is heating milk to kill any bacteria. To pasteurize milk one method is to heat milk for thirty minutes at 145o F, this process is called the batch method and the milk is always heated in a vat. The other two methods are more common. In the HTST and the UHT methods the milk is pumped through pies to heat it. In the HTST (High Temperature High Time) the milk is heated for fifteen seconds at 161o F. in the UHT method milk is heated for two seconds at 280o F. The UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) process is normally used for milk that is not being immediately used, like coffee creamer.
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Agricultural Diseases
In 1865 the silk industry in France was in distress, their silkworms were being killed! Louis Pasteur was needed; he determined that the disease was from the mulberry leaves that the worms were eating. The worms didn’t even have to eat the leaves to get the disease; they could get it from their parents. To fix this he showed the breeders many things about silkworms including how to prevent the mulberry leaves from getting contaminated, and how to make sure that the eggs were in good condition.
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Silkworm Diseases

Rabies is a disease that attacks the central nervous system. Its symptoms include fever, headache, and hydrophobia. Hydrophobia is the fear of water caused by throat spasms. To cure rabies Louis Pasteur dried out the tissues of animals that had rabies, he did this to weaken the disease. He then started with the most dried out sample of tissue and injected it into animals with rabies. He then went up in strength until a sample cured the animal. The first person Louis Pasteur tested the cure on was Joseph Meister in 1885. He used the cure only after Josephs mother begged him to because he had been bitten 14 times. He hesitated because he did not want a humans life to be at stake while testing his cure. Louis Pasteur succeeded in making a cure for rabies.
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