Lise Meitner
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November 7, 1878
October 27, 1968
Cambridge, England
Place of Birth
Born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary
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Known for
Lise Meitner was known for discovering nuclear fission and the element protactinium.
Science Explain
Nuclear fission is like marbles. You make the marbles into a big circle and take one of the marbles and launch it at the circle. This makes the marbles scatter and form other smaller groups but there are also some marbles that are left alone and those marbles are energy. The bigger circle is a nucleus and the smaller marbles are neutrons and protons. In more scientific terms, Lise Meitner and her partner Otto Hahn discovered that when a neutron from an atom was launched at an atom the atom would split and create smaller groups of neutrons and protons and some on the neutrons and protons would be without a group and those would become energy. The way the marbles and Lise Meitner related is because the marbles are explaining in a simpler way what she researched. The big marble circle in real life is an atoms nucleus and the marbles are protons and neutrons and the marble being launched at it would represent the neutron bullet. So her research resents the marbles, because of the atoms, the neutrons, and the protons.
She worked in Berlin, Germany as a physicist working with radioactive elements.
Did you Know
She met Albert Einstein and talked about her discovery of nuclear fission. She was nominated many times for the Nobel Prize.
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