Lise Meitner the Story of a Female Scientist MargalitM920

Early Life
Lise Meitner was born in November 1878 in Vienna Austria. Usually her family would celebrate her birthday on the 7th even though she was registered as the 17th. She lived with her seven siblings in a pretty wealthy neighborhood. Being a girl Lise had to end school at age 14. The only profession girls were allowed into, and Lise was training to be a French teacher. Later she decided she wanted to be much more, she wanted to be a physician. Her parents agreed and she got a private tutor to make up for 8 years of school. After all the work she took a test, only four of the kids that had taken the test had past. Luckily Lise was one of those four. She had gotten a job tutoring kids and one of the boys she had tutored became the director of The Physicists Institute. She decided to go to the University of Berlin and arrived there in 1907. Soon after she arrived she met a man named Otto and little did she know they would soon become partners. Lise Meitner died on OCtober 27th 1968.

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Soon Lise and her partner decided to work on radioactivity. They would spend extra hours working and working on radioactivity. Since it was still the early nineties the University would keep an eye on Lise and Otto. They were doing such a good job that they were offered a very good job in radioactivity. The thing was Otto was being paid a lot and since Lise was a woman she was being paid very little. They would spend long hours working. At dinner one of them would go out and buy salami and bread but they would never eat together. Eventually Otto got married and Lise was given the position of being Max Plank’s assistant. Lise was very thrilled especially since her father had just passed away and she knew that he would have wanted this for her. Later in her life she had to escape Berlin because it was the holocaust and she was a Jew.

What is Radioactivity?
Radioactivity starts isotopes. Isotopes are elements with same number of protons and electrons but a different number of neutrons. Some isotopes are unstable isotopes and are commonly referred to as radioactive isotopes. When the isotopes are unstable they emit energy in the shape of radiation. There are many types of radiation depending on the different isotope.

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Did You Know.....
Some items with radiation are radios, televisions, cellphones and sunlight. Some items that do not contain radiation are hotdogs, butterflies, tooth brushes and yoyo’s.. When working with radioactivity you should put toilet paper all over the room because if you touch something then someone else touches it, it can be highly dangerous. They used to sell an item that was very popular, it was a radioactive watch they did not know at the time that they were radioactive but they soon fixed it.

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