John Muir

John was an Engineer for the first part of his life. An Engineer is a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works. After that he was a writer. And after that, he was a founder of a very successful club.
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April 21, 1838

December 24, 1914

Place of birth
Dunbar East Lothian, Scotland
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What are they known for?
John was the founder of the Sierra Club.

Science Explained
John Muir founded the Sierra Club, which helps fight for the preservation of a lot of forests, dams, valleys, etc. An example of what the Sierra Club does and how passionate they are about what they do is when they fought for the protection of the Yosemite National . John went as far as getting President Roosevelt involved. He got Pres. Roosevelt out into the park to show him what he would be doing if he didn't protect the park.

Before he got started with the wagon company, and the Sierra Club, he was an Engineer. He was inventing a lot of helpful things such as clocks and thermometers. Then he went to the wagon company, and then he founded the Sierra Club.
Where did they work?
He worked at the University of Wisconsin; he worked as a sawyer in a wagon company. He also worked on his own, writing and publishing books and journals.

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Did you know?
John published 47 writings.
He climbed two mountains.
He’s on the back of the California State Quarter
The first clock his family ever had was the one John made out of wires and rocks.
He has an asteroid named after him.

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