Jane GoodallBy: RohanS031
British Primatologist (1934- Present)

Place of Birth- Born in London, England

Date of Birth- April 3, 1934

Date of Death- Still alive

Early Life- She started showing an interest in animals when she was five years old. In 1957 a former friend called her to Kenya to visit
her. This completed her dream to go to Africa. She left school at age 18 and was a secretary and a film production assistant until she had enough money to go to Africa.

What is she known for?-. Jane Goodall was a Primatologist because chimpanzees are considered “Primates” and she studied them. Primatologists are people who study primates which are mammals closely related to humans or from who humans evolved from. She was known for finding out that along with humans, chimpanzees were capable of making tools and had a highly complex social behavior which means that they behave according to the circumstance.

Scientific Work- Jane Goodall Did a long-term research about chimpanzees in the Gombe Reserve which is in Tanzania. She found out that humans and chimpanzees share 98% of the same genes. Their diet includes 60% fruits, 30% plants and 10% other animals such as insects. Chimps are also called the “Honey Hunters” and they use a variety of tools to locate the honey and get the honey.

Career She trained at the Royal Free Hospital and the London Zoo before starting her research in the. After she was done her training she went to the Gombe Reserve and set upped a camp on June of 1960 Gombe Reserve. Gombe Reserve was the home to three communities which consisted of 50 Chimpanzees in each. She wrote two books called In the Shadow of Man (1971) in which she talks about the Chimpanzee Society and Through a Window (1990) in which she talks about the hard life Chimps have to go through. She later on founded the Roots and Shoots organization which is an environmental activist.

Interesting Facts- Her Favorite toy was a chimpanzee called Julibiee which she still owns. The University of Cambridge awarded Goodall a Ph.D. in ethology in 1965. Jane Goodall was one of the very few people to get a doctor’s degree without getting a bachelor’s degree. Jane Goodall was named commander of the British Empire, Was given the U.S National Geographic Society’s Hubbard Medal and was awarded the Kyoto Prize which is basically like the Nobel Prize.

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