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Ivan Pavlov was born in Ryazan Russia on Sept. 26, 1849. His dad was a priest and he had many siblings. Since his dad was a priest he wanted Ivan to attend the local seminary school and start from an early age to train to become a priest. However in his early child-hood his parents were worried about him because he was quite undisciplined which they thought would eventually affect him doing well in school. The end result was Ivan went to live with another one of the local priest. During his time over there Ivan learned through hard physical labor and study discipline and so to his parent delight he returned home a more studies and disciplined child. After a couple of years Ivan grew older and aged out of his seminary school and started to attend the theological seminary school. In 1870 Ivan dropped out and instead started to attend the school of St. Petersburg to study his new interest, phycology and chemistry. His father was very disappointed that Ivan had dropped of seminary school and had moved all the way to ST. Petersburg. However despite his father’s disapproval in 1879 Ivan graduated from St Petersburg imperial medical school and earned his doctorate in phycology.

What is phycology?
Ivan Pavlov was known for his many psychological experiments and discoveries but what is Phycology?

Phycology is the study of how any living thing works, for instance how do ducks always know where to fly for the winter or how does a human brain work. Scientist often studies this topic to learn more about animals so they can keep people safer. For instance if a scientist were to learns more about a shark and what they see and how their brain works they can decrease the amount of shark attacks at the beach each year by making sure the people are well aware of what might attract a shark like how dogs often misinterprets a surf board as the under belly of a seal. Another example of phycology is one of Ivan Pavlov’s famous experiments where he taught his dog to salivate over the sound of a bell by making the dog associate the bell noise with the dog getting food. He made the dog associate the bell with getting food by every time he fed his dog he rang the bell the dog would then salivate with the sound of the bell because the dog thought it was getting food.

Before and after
Before Ivan became famous he was a professor at St Petersburg from 1890 to 1984. And in 1904 after a few years of research he won the noble prize for his work on digestion and secretions Ivan Pavlov was also trained as a surgeon. Sadly on Feb. 27, 1936 Ivan Pavlov passed away but he and his work on phycology will always be remembered as an amazing piece of research to quite an interesting topic.

Fun Facts

  • Ivan was taught the Bernardian way of phycology
  • The town were Ivan went to school was considered one of the first modern Russian cities
  • Ivan also had 2 uncles that were only priest for a short amount because of their addiction to alcohol
  • One of Ivan’s unc
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    Pavlovs Dog
    les died in a street fight
  • At first Ivan did not like the soviet Union until they donated him money to carry out his many experiments
  • After his death the Russian government converted many of his lavatories into museums

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