Ivan Pavlov

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Ivan Pavlov was a physiologist. A physiologist is someone who analyzes all of the functions of the living organisms or any of its parts.


Ivan Pavlov was born on September 26th, 1849.


Ivan Pavlov died on February 27th, 1936.

Place of Birth

Ivan Pavlov was born in Ryazan, Russia.

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Known For

Pavlov is known for the discovery that when an animal chews its food, its Gastric Glands would produce a great amount of "Appetite juices" even if the food never reached the stomach. These "Appetite Juices" were actually Gastric Juices that were produced by the influence of appetite. Gastric Juices are the liquids inside your stomach that digest your food.

Science explained

During Pavlov’s time, many scientists believed that gastric glands would only begin to Produce Appetite juices once the food that that animal or person was eating had reached their stomach. But then Ivan Pavlov did an experiment and proved that the food that you are eating does not have to be swallowed in order for the gastric glands to produce Appetite juices. In order for the Gastric Glands to start producing Appetite juices you just have to chew the food.


1890-91- He was appointed professor at the Military-Medical Academy and chief of the phycology division at the Imperial Institute of Experimental Medicine.

Did you know?

His son Viktor dies in the civil war that took place in Russia.

He published Twenty Years of Experience in the Objective Study of the Higher Nervous Activity of Animals.

The Leningrad flood almost drowns his dogs.

Publishes Lectures on the Large Work of the Hemispheres of the Brain.

He wins a Nobel Prize in Phycology or medicine for his contribution to the Physiology of digestion in 1904.

He hosts the 15th International Congress of Philologists in Leningrad in 1935.


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