How does your sense of hearing work?

By Naomi J.


Sound is a very important part of how your ear works. A major part of what helps you hear is your pinna. Your pinna collects sound waves and transfers them to your middle ear. Your pinna is located in your outer ear along with three other parts of your ear which are the ear canal and the ear drum. Sound is measured by hertz and kilohertz. 1 kilohertz is equal to 1,000 hertz. Dog’s ears are very sharp. When you blow a silent dog whistle the dogs can hear you from miles away.When sound waves happen a person may not hear it exactly as you are saying it.

This is a picture of what the sound waves look like

The diagram shows how the soundwaves work

Anatomy of the ear
Your ear has three parts to it: your outer ear, inner ear, and the middle ear. Each part of your ear has something to do with hearing and/or balance. There are three parts to your outer ear the pinna, ear canal, and the ear drum. The ear drum separates the outer ear from the middle ear. The ear drum also vibrates whenever sound hits. Your middle is in the shape of an odd funnel like shape. Your middle ear is made up of 3 tiny bones. Your inner ear is not only the mediator of the ear for hearing it is also the main part of what makes your hearing connect to what you’re saying and it also connects to your brain.

This is a picture that shows the different parts of the ear.

Pinna-collects sound waves and transfers them into the middle ear

ear drum- vibrates whenever sound hits it

ear canal- carries the sound waves to the ear drum

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