How Wind Turbines Work
By Will B
wind mill.PNG
Figure 1 Wind Turbine


Wind turbines are very effective machines. These metal fans turn regular wind into electricity. The wind turbines are one hundred feet tall or more off of the ground. The reason they are so far off the ground is because the most wind tends to be higher up than just on the ground.

What they are used for.
The wind turbines can be used to power one home or building or (as this diagram shows) it can be hooked up to an electricity grid to power multiple homes or buildings. A wind farm consists of 10 to 100 or more wind turbines and even a small wind farm can power over 9000 buildings!

How they work
The uneven pressure causes the blades to spin around the center of the engine. On the back there is a weather vein connected to a computer to keep the turbine facing the wind to capture the most energy. The air pressure works to spin the three propeller blades around the rotor. The rotor is connected to the main shaft which spins the generator to make energy. The turbine is mounted on a tower to make it taller. If the wind turbine extracts more energy from the wind then it can power more buildings. When the gears turn then the blades spin and the turbine extracts the wind from the wind and then the private or public electricity grid transports it to one or more buildings or homes. The friction between the gears, wind, and the propellers are making the energy and electricity to power homes.

Figure 2 Download and play to see animation

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Consists: To be made up of.
Rotor: A rotating part of a machine.
Wind turbine: Any of various machines that have a rotor driven by pressure.