Vacuum cleaners have a variety of different parts inside them that make them works as shown as in the picture below. One of the main parts is the fan and some other parts of a vacuum cleaner are an intake port, an exhaust port, an electric motor, a fan, a porous bag, and a housing that holds all other elements that attach onto the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners work entirely of suction since vacuum cleaners suck up dust. This household idem has a rotating brush that sucks the dust and dirt up from the carpet. A vacuum cleaner works a lot like a tornado for the reason that both of them involve suction. The pressure of the atmosphere pushes air up the hose pulling in dust and dirt with it.

BLL_How vaccum cleaners work.jpg
Figure 1 the picture above is a picture includes all of the parts of a vacuum cleaners that work together to make it work

The fan inside the vacuum cleaner
The fan inside a vacuum cleaner plays a huge role on how a vacuum cleaner works. The fan has sharp blades that work as a propeller inside the vacuum cleaner. When you turn on a vacuum cleaner the fan turns on automatically just like when you turn on a fan at home. The fan and the motor are the two parts that really causes this cleaner to work.

Bll_fan inside a vaccum cleaner.jpg

Figure 2 the picture above demonstrates where and what the fan is on the vacuum cleaner.

History of a vacuum cleaner
British guy Hubert Booth invented the first electric vacuum cleaner in 1901. Not only could this motorized vacuum cleaner suck up air but it could also attract dirt into it. Later in 1908 American William Hoover invented what we know today as the vacuum cleaner. The first non-motorized Vacuum cleaner was built by Ives McGuffey in 1899 and this vacuum cleaner was the first hand pumped vacuum cleaner ever. Before these inventions several of scientists and people have tried to invent a cleaning supply or a vacuum cleaner but nobody was successful. There were several more inventions of things close to vacuum cleaners but these were the top three.

Vacuum cleaner- Vacuum cleaners suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors.
Fan- A Fan is a part inside a vacuum cleaner that works as a propeller because of its sharp points.
Dust bag- A dust bag is where after the suction occurs the dust and dirt travels into the dust bag.

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