A magna doodle is a child’s art toy. Magna Doodles let small children draw and write without making a mess. The magna doodle works by using magnets. They are built with 3 layers. On top, there is a layer of plastic, in the middle there is a layer of honeycomb lattice and on the bottom is another sheet of plastic. Between the bottom layer of plastic and the honeycomb lattice and under the lattice is a layer of milky, opaque liquid with lots of finely cut slivers of iron. There is a stylus you use to draw. At the very end, where the ink on a ballpoint pen would be, is a small magnet. When you press the stylus against the top layer of plastic, which is on the outside when the magna doodle is fully put together, the magnet on the end pulls the iron to the top. The iron stays there until erased.

Figure 1:This is a drawing of what a CRH-Magna Doodle Diagram.jpg
magna doodle looks like
Figure 2: This is a picture of a magna doodleCRH-Magna Doodle.jpg

A magnet is a piece of metal that has a north and south pole. The magnet’s North Pole attracts the South Pole and they come together. When two of the same poles are put together, they repel each other. There are many different types of magnets. The most commonly known magnet is the bar magnet which is a rectangular magnet that has the North Pole on one side and the South Pole on the other. Another type of magnet is the horseshoe magnet is a bar magnet that has been bent into the shape of a horseshoe so that the two poles are closer together.

Honeycomb: Anything whose appearance suggests such a structure,especially in containing many small units or holes: The building was a honeycomb of offices and showrooms.
Lattice:A structure of crossed wooden or metal strips usually arranged to form a diagonal pattern of open spaces between the strips.
Opaque:Not shining or bright; dark; dull.

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