How the Camera WorksPeter G.Period 6October 1, 2012

How the Camera Sees
The camera works with light. Light flows through the camera and hits the image (the picture you are taking). Light reflects through the camera lenses, making the image more accurate. The camera has six lenses. The camera also has many mirrors inside. The light reflects off the mirrors inside the camera, and then goes through the lenses. All the camera lenses work together to form a clearer image than if there was just one lens.

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Figure1 this is a diagram of the front of the camera

Figure 2 this is a diagram of the back of a camera
How the Camera Lets Light in
Some cameras let you control the light that comes inside the camera, because there is a little hatch that can open and close. The light enters through the viewfinder (the hatch), which you can also look into to see what the picture will turn out to look like. Then the light reflects through all the mirrors and lenses.

How the Camera Takes Pictures
The camera takes pictures when the photographer presses the shutter release button. The shutter release button is the button you push to take the picture. Then the shutter opens and the light is let in and can reflect off the mirrors. The light then flows through the lenses and falls on the film. The lenses focus the image on the film, and then a chemical reaction in the film captures the image.
Zooming in and Zooming out
With very simple cameras, whether you are close up or far away, the picture has the same accuracy. With other cameras, you can zoom in how ever far you want and zoom out how ever far you want.

How the Mirrors inside the Camera Work
The mirrors all work together to reflect the light onto the lenses. All the mirrors lead the light to the hinged mirror, which is the last mirror, and then the hinged mirror reflects the light onto the lenses.

old fasioned camera.jpg

Figure 3 this is a picture of a wooden model camera

wooden model of camera.jpg

Figure 4 this is a picture of a wooden model camera

The Viewfinder
The viewfinder is the part that the person looks through so they can see what the picture will end up looking like is called the viewfinder. Without the viewfinder, you wouldn’t be able to know if the picture would turn out well or not.


Hinged Mirror- the last mirror inside the camera; the mirror that reflects all the light onto the lenses

Shutter Release Button- the button that holds all the light back until time to take the picture; button that takes picture

Viewfinder- little hole that that lets light into the camera, it also is made for looking into to see what the picture will turn out to look like


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