Did you know that the magic re-light candle is actually the birthday candle a magic re-light candle works when a flame or fire comes in encounters the wick just as regular candles do. Also when candles are lit there is a chemical that helps the candle actually light. The chemical is named magnesium. This magnesium is inserted into the wick of the candle when it is in the process of being made. Also there is another chemical inserted when the wick is being made and that is paraffin vapor. This type of chemical actually helps the magic re-light candle re-light. When you put out the candle it goes out but the paraffin vapor is always to stay on the candle. The reason is just because the makers made it that way. Then another fuse or wick that is similar to the magic re-light candle is the fuse of a stick of dynamite. The reason is because they both have that paraffin vapor and with that chemical the wick is never going to disappear for that reason. These wicks are so much safer though than any other wick because they can easily be put out with water and because of all of those chemicals but I would still never put your hand in the flame of a trick candle because a flame is a flame and flames burn you so it would hurt if you put your hand into the fire.

wnn_magic relight candles.jpg
Figure 2: magic relight candles

Fire is a big factor when you are dealing with a candle because if you don’t have fire on the wick of your candle then the candle won’t be doing too much. So when you are using a stove and you have a gas flame then you will usually have a blue flame which means that the fire is really hot. That is the reason why a gas fire is for cooking. Then a natural fire has no reason at all so what it does is burn trees and crops. However, that doesn’t mean that the natural fires are safe because they are the ones that burn houses. Then the reason why fire is so hot is because it is dry and it gives of heat energy. Then there is another thing and that is that when you are in a dark area and you have a fire, the reason for that is because the fire also gives off something called light energy and that is why you can see the fire.
wnn_how magic relight candles work.jpg
figure 1: how the magic relight candle works
Wax is a huge factor when you are making candles. The reason is that the whole body of the candle is wax. So let me tell you a little bit about wax. Waxes are mixtures of fatty acids mixed with natural salt called Ester. They are for candles and to keep objects from rotting. Wax also helps keep things smooth so that the object that they are covering is sleek and shiny. Wax also has to have some plant or mineral origin in order for them to be a regular type of wax.


Wick: the string that the flame burns.
Fire: the flame on the candle.
Relight: to light time after time.

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