What are Binoculars and how do they work?
By: Maria S.

The creation of Binoculars

Binoculars are basically miniature telescopes with two lenses instead of one. A person named Hans Lippershey designs the binoculars to have two looking lenses instead of one. It was discovered that looking into one lens created migraines and eye strains. He created the Binoculars.
Hans Lippershey.jpg
Figure 1. Hans Lippershey
Bi- meaning two. That meant two lens telescopes that were supported on you head. You can see out of them and have magnified pictures of the image you are looking at.

How binoculars work

Figure 2. How Binoculars work diagram

Binoculars have these things called prisms. The prisms refract light off of them and transport it to the human eye. The binoculars have two prisms to take the light or picture and reflect it to the other prism. After the light or picture is reflected off the last prism it heads straight for the eye. Then the picture is magnified or decreased in size from the knob on it that it is the right size for the person. The prisms are like small triangles that take the light and bend it.

What do Binoculars do in general?

Binoculars make an image larger or smaller. You can turn a knob to make it larger or smaller. It depends on what size you want. You can turn either way to have smaller or larger picture/images. They make it easier to see things far away. They are also used for bird-watching. They make it easier to see the bird up high in the trees.

guy holding binoculars.png
Figure 3. This is a guy holding a pair of Binoculars


Refract- to break force back.

Prism- a triangular item that bends light and reflects it to another object.

Migraine- a painful headache.

Eyestrain- a feeling of pain to the eye.


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