How Do 3d glasses Work?
By: Jackson B.

How the Eye Works

Humans have two eyes that work together. Each eye takes a view from a slightly different angle. One eye is seeing one view while one sees another image. Both views are processed by the brain to form one picture. The brain matches up similarities and differences and creates one final picture called stereo vision. The stereo vision picture is three dimensional. The brain is working so fast to process the images that the human doesn’t notice what’s missing from the views and the brain fills in the missing parts.

Why Stereo vision is Important

Stereo vision probably evolved from survival skills. As an example, hunters would need to see if the deer was 2 feet away or 2000 feet away. Some creatures that did not have stereovision would not have lived long.

How do 3 D Glasses Work
The way 3D glasses work is like a view master viewer. Your eyes are 5 centimeters apart and in the view master it shows your eyes two separate views and your brain has to combine them together and the
images rise to make it look three dimensional.

How Polarized Three Dimensional glasses work

Three dimensional polarized glasses let some light through one lens sideways and the other lens straight so you see two images moving at the same time. When you take off the glasses during a three dimensional movie you see just one image partially covering the other.


How Red and Blue Three Dimensional Glasses Work

For red and blue three dimensional glasses to work two images must be displayed on the screen. Filters on the plastic lenses only let one color through each eye. The human brain makes the colored images into one 3 dimensional product.


3 Dimensional images are easy to re-create in pictures or in movies or computer games. The human brain has evolved to see 3 dimensional images. Currently we have 3 D movies, pictures and video games. In the future things like our school tablet could be 3 D.


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Polarized: To cause (as light waves) to vibrate in a different pattern.

Stereo Vision: Being able to perceive depth.

Three Dimensional: Giving the illusion of depth or varying distances.