Herman Branson Jackt858
Personal Life
Born August 14, 1914, in Pocahontas, Virginia.
He severed as president at Central State University from 1968-1970.
Retired, President, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, 1985
Education: Bachelor of Science degrees, University
of Virginia State, Petersburg, Virginia.
Doctor of Philosophy degree, University of Cincinnati, Ohio 1939.
He severed as president at Central State University from 1968-1970
He served as president at Lincoln University from 1970-1985.
He died on June 7th, 1995
Science CareerJRT Herman Branson.gif
Used physics, Biology, and chemistry to study how living organisms worked. Also called Biophysics.
Worked with mostly with cells.
All cells contain cytoplasm, a substance madeup of water, proteins, and other moleculessurrounded by a membrane.
Some substances can pass through the cell and some cannot.
All cells contain cytoplasm, a substance made up of water, proteins, and other molecules surrounded by a membrane.
Cells can only survive in a liquid medium that brings in food and carries out waste
The cell membrane is composed of two thin layers of phospholipid molecules studded with large proteins.
Prokaryotic (simple organism without nucleus) and eukaryotic cells (organism with visible nuclei) are distinguished by several key characteristics
Interesting facts
Made the alpha helix theory which is one of the main ways to study protein.
Made the b-sheet theory also another way to study proteins
Made gamma helix another way to study proteins.
He worked with Linus Pauling on he protein structuresJRt Herman.JPG
He was one of the first African American scientist.
A professor of physics and chair of the physics department at Howard University.
Did his studies at Howard University.

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