Helen Taussig

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Occupation – She was an American physician. A physician is someone who practices medicine and is focused on restoring human health.
Birth – She was born on May 24, 1898
Death – She died on May 20, 1986
Place of Birth – She was born at Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Known For – She was known for creating a procedure to cure “Blue Baby Syndrome”.
Science explained – She created a special procedure that would cure the heart of a baby. This procedure would stop the baby from dying or getting severely injured from cyanosis (caused by congenital cardiac malformation) this defect stops the complete blood circulation to the lungs. Her studies showed that the special blood vessel called the “ductus” would circulate blood to the lungs. She knew that this blood vessel normally closed after birth and if it closed too early it would cause cyanosis. So the procedure that she produced was to keep open the “ductus” open longer or create an alternative path for the blood could go to the lungs
  • Worked at “Johns Hopkins Hospital”

Did you know -
  • Lost her hearing around working age
  • Was always dyslexic
  • Fought female job discrimination