Gregor Mendel

  • Gregor was born on July 22, 1822 on a farm in the village of Hyncice in the Province of Silesia in the Hapsburg Empire in Austria .
  • He died on January 6, 1884 in Austria-Hungary which is now Brno, Czech.
Early Life:
  • He was recommended to a school in Troppau at 11 because of his learning attitude(A Great One) in 1833.
  • He graduated in 1840 with an honors but those 7 years were strenuous on the family`s money.
  • He then enrolled in a two year program at the Philosophical Institute of the University of Olmütz.
  • He graduated from that in 1843.
  • After he graduated his father wanted him to take over the farm but he didn’t want to so he started to train as a monk and later became a monk.
  • After that he started studying Heredity on pea plants.
  • He started studying heredity on mice but almost immediately stopped because the bishop did not want one of his monks studying mice “mating”.
  • Then he started experimenting on honey bees and genetically modified some of the bees and the outcome was bees that were so vicious that they immediately destroyed them (of course after he recorded them and studied them.).
  • Crossing that means that when you breed two plants you get a seed and when that seed grows up you will hopefully get characteristics of both.
Later Life:
  • He wrote a book of his studies and sent 40 reprints of them to be sold but the people he gave them to rejected them.
  • When his studies drove him to sickness he took a temporary job at a secondary school but he failed the teaching exam.
  • He went back to the University Of Vienna and studied mathematics under Christian Doppler and botany under Franz Unger.
  • After his studies he returned to the Monastery in Brno.
  • He was given a teaching position at a secondary school.
  • He was getting worse eyesight and had to no longer study.
  • He then died of Chronic Nephritis at 61.
  • He is now known as “The Father Of Modern Genetics”

  • He discovered a equation that explains the theory of heredity.
  • That Equation is: (A + a)2 = A2 + 2Aa + a2
  • He also wrote a book about all of his studies.
After His Life:
  • A trio of botanists decades later independently duplicated his work and claimed they had no idea who Gregor was and later credit was given to Gregor Mendel.
  • Many people followed with his studies calling it Mendel`s Laws
  • The Darwinians said that his work had nothing to do with Evolution.

GGB.Gregor Mendel..jpg
Gregor Johann Mendel

Interesting Facts:
  • Gregor`s REAL name was Johann but changed his name when he became a monk.
  • Mendel was a bee keeper.
  • He was more famous for being a meteorologist who could predict the weather than for the experiments on peas and bees.
  • Greg liked buying lottery tickets in his younger years although he never won.
  • He gave 1500 guilders (about 153,000 dollars in US dollars Today) to his home village to build a Fire Brigade. The villagers were very thankful, made him a part of the fire brigade, and Erected a Memorial Plaque to honor him.

Gregor Mendel and the roots of genetics. By: Edward Edelson