Earnest Rutherford: The discovery of how an atom worked

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Early Life:

  • Born August 30, 1871

  • He was the 12th child out of 14 kids in his family

  • He was born near Nelson, New Zealand in pioneer country

  • At age 15 he got a scholarship to Nelson Collage, a high school with 80 students which were all boys

  • After he finished high school he received another scholarship to the Cambridge University in Canterbury

  • In collage he studied astronomy and physics

  • In 1900 he married Mary Newton

  • And had their first and only child the next year her name is Eileen

What he discovered and found:
  • Him and Fredrick Soddy succeeded in discovering a new branch of physics called radioactivity

  • He discovered a way to use radioactivity to find what an atom looked like

  • Discovered the terms ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ to describe the difference between uranium and thorium

Atoms and radioactivity:
. An atom is the smallest component with chemical properties containing a nucleus with many neutrons and protons inside one electron, creating electrical attraction.

  • Everything is made up of chemical elements and the smallest part of each element is an atom

  • There are all different types of atoms , your body is not made up of the same atoms as a table at your house is

  • Radioactivity is a phenomenon by being a property of certain elements that is spontaneously admitting radiation, resulting in the nuclei in the atom.

  • Atoms with too much energy in their nuclei is called radioactivity

  • When the nuclei inside the atom can’t hold the energy anymore it will get rid it sooner or later and that is called radioactivity

Later life:
  • Was awarded the Nobel in Chemistry for his work

. An element is named after him for his hard work it is called ‘Rutherfordium’

. On October 19, 1937 he died of a preventable disease

MAT Rutherford atom replica diagram.jpg
The protons and neutrons inside the nucleus will start to gain to much energy and expand and that is called radioactivity

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