Eli Whitney
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Place of Birth – Westborough, MA
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Known for – He was known for the creation of the cotton gin and for the manufacturing of guns on a manufacturing line. (Mass production and division of labor.)

Science explained – Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, which was a machine to separate the cotton from the seeds. The cotton gin had four parts: (1) a hopper to feed the cotton into the gin; (2) a revolving cylinder studded with hundreds of short wire hooks, closely set in ordered lines to match fine grooves cut in (3) a stationary breastwork that strained out the seed while the fiber flowed through; and (4) a clearer, which was a cylinder set with bristles, turning in the opposite direction, that brushed the cotton from the hooks and let it fly off by its own centrifugal force, which means that it’s moving away from a center : acting in a direction away from a center.

Profit Cotton Gin
1801 - 1806
Whitney headed to South Carolina to profit from cotton gin.
Professional Career
Nail Manufacturing
At age 14, Eli operated a profitable nail manufacturing operation in his father’s workshop during the Revolutionary War.
Out of Business:
Eli Whitney’s cotton factory had gone out of business because patent infringement lawsuits consumed the profits.
Contract Muskets
Eli had gotten a contract for making muskets for the war. He delivered 10,000 to 15,000 muskets in 1800.
Made Cotton Gin
Whitney received a patent for his cotton gin on March 14, 1794. But it did not get validated until 1807.
Milling Machine
Joseph W. Roe credited Eli with the inventing of the milling machine.
Personal Events:
Eli's mother died
Her name was Elizabeth Fay. She died when he was 11 years old.
He graduated from Yale College in 1792
Eli attended Yale College- now called Yale University. On 12 Jun 1789.
1817 - 1825
He was married to Henrietta Edwards.
Did you know? – He made a violin when he was about 12 years old.

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