Edwin Hubble:Astronomer
By: leonoral899
Early Life-
  • Edwin Hubble was born on November, 1899 in Marsh-field, Missouri, the third of seven children.
  • At school, he always showed an interest in Science, but his dad pushed him to be a lawyer.
  • During summer, he worked for the railroad to pay for school and other necessary needs.
  • He was always top of his class, and skipped a few years so he was also the youngest.
  • He was very athletic; he played basketball and football, and also did track and field.
  • Edwin Hubble also enjoyed clubs and activities. For example, he had a pretty good voice so he joined a choir. He also ran for vice president of his class and won.
  • Because of his accomplishments and participation in these activities, he got the Rhodes scholarship to study for three years at Oxford, and get 1,500 dollars
Before career-
  • While Edwin was at Oxford, his father got malaria and died.
  • After his father died, he continued his education for becoming a lawyer to help sustain his family. But he also studied to be an astronomer and become a scientist.
  • When he got back he went back to his original college, the University of Chicago and took a job at the University of Chicago’s Yerkes observatory for astronomy.
  • Yerkes held the world’s largest refracting telescope.
The start and middle of Career.
  • There was a debate between astronomers and scientists whether there were different galaxies other than the Milky Way.
  • When Hubble was twenty-four, and still a student, he found a little more proof that there might be other galaxies. But it was still not for sure.
  • He found a Cepheid star (a certain star specifically found in nebulae) when looking at the night skies with the 24 inch reflector built by George Ritchey.
  • Made hundreds of photographic plates of this never before seen Cepheid. He compared the plates with others made by other astronomers. He then confirmed that most nebulae were found in clusters outside of the Milky Way.
  • Hubble showed his discovery to Edwin Brant Frost, the director of the Yerkes observatory, and Frost showed the photos to other Scientists
  • Hubble was awarded a grant for his discovery, and used the money to continue his studies on astronomy.
  • His discovery of the Cepheid and the possibility of other galaxies was announced in 1925
  • The Cepheid he saw is in the Andromeda Nebula, well known for its spiral. He found out it is another galaxy that is several hundred thousand light-years away.
  • On May 1916 Edwin Hubble returned to University of Chicago to get his Ph.D. in astronomy.
  • Later, he was invited to join another astronomer at another observatory to do more research but he decided to join the army during World War 1.
  • When the war was over, he joined the astronomer who had invited him to help him study earlier at Mount Wilson Observatory in Los Angeles California where he continued his work as an astronomer.
  • While working at Mount Wilson, Hubble proved nebulae were distant galaxies and not just clouds of dust in space as recently believed.
  • Discovered the expansion of the universe, the Big Bang Theory. This and the discovery of the other distant nebula brought him fame and fortune.
Interesting facts/Personal life-
  • Edwin Hubble married Grace Burke in 1924
  • Hubble was 6ft 2
  • While at Oxford, Hubble used a fake English accent and dressed as an Englishman to fit in and kept the accent when he came back to America. Other students admired his English spirit and Intelligence.
  • He met with the famous scientist, Albert Einstein.
  • Edwin Hubble’s sister Lucy was a Red Cross nurse while Hubble was fighting in World War 1
  • The more distant a galaxy, the greater the speed of its movement- This is known as the Hubble’s law. It is proof that the universe is expanding. Einstein originally had this theory about the universe expanding but he had changed his equations due to improbability. Einstein admitted that ignoring his original theory and changing the equations was a bad idea.
  • Though his brothers and sisters always helped and gave money to their mother, Hubble barely ever even visited her.
  • Edwin Hubble’s discovery changed the way astronomers looked at space forever.
  • In school he was part of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, because of his talent in sports and his intelligence.
  • The Hubble space telescope was named after Edwin Hubble and was launched in 1990.
  • Hubble has also been honored by an Asteroid and Moon crater being named after him because of his discovery
  • Hubble died on September 28, 1953
  • L.F.J.L Hubble's signature.png- His signature

L.F.J.L Cepheid in nebula Edwin Hubble..jpg
Edwin Hubble's picture of the nebula Andromeda, (another galaxy)

L.F.J.L hubble looking through telescope.jpg
Young Edwin Hubble looking through a telescope
L.F.J.L hubble telescope powerpint diagram.pptx.png




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