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September 20, 2013
Edward Jenner and the Smallpox Vaccine

Personal Life –
  • Edward Jenner was born on May 17, 1749 in Berkeley which is a town near Western England
  • He was married to Catherine Kingscote in 1788
  • He was married to Catherine till she died in 1815
  • Edward Jenner died on January 26, 1823 of a cerebral hemorrhage (a disease that effects the brain)
Field of Study –
  • Edward Jenner tried to find a cure to the small pox
  • Jenner became Daniel Ludlow (a surgeon) apprentice at age 13
  • John Hunter (a surgeon from London) was Jenner’s role model in life
  • His first approach at the smallpox vaccine was when a lady came to the office one day and said she couldn’t have smallpox because of she already had cowpox. This made Jenner think about the theory of cowpox as a vaccine.
  • After two months of studying he tested his theory on a 8 year old boy ho had been exposed to cowpox. He then exposed him to the smallpox disease and the boy did not get it.
  • He proved that cowpox was a vaccine for the small pox, and he kept studying until he died.
Smallpox –
  • Smallpox is caused by the virus called Viriola Major
  • Smallpox can be spread by inhaling mucus or saliva from the person with the disease
  • The effects of smallpox after 7 – 17 days you will have mostly the same symptoms of the flu such as body aching, high fever, and fatigue
  • After a few days a body rash accrues then muss filled blisters, which then turn into scabs, which leaves numerous of scars
  • 30 % of humans die due to small pox the other 70% humans can become blind, bald, and other symptoms
  • The disease has been active for many years
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