Louis Pasteur
The hunt to find the cure to Rabies

By: AnnaL977

Significant parts in Mr. Pasteur’s life

  • Born: in Dole December 27, 1822
  • Married: 1849 to Marie Laurent
  • Three daughters died between 1859 and 1865
  • Stroke: he had a stroke and it left his left side partly paralyzed
  • Rabies: treatment of Joseph Meister vaccine begins on July 6, 1885
  • Parents: Jean-Joseph and Jeanne-Etiennette Roqui
  • In 1862 founded the process of pasteurization
  • Dies: September 28, 1895
  • Died from of another stroke
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What is a microbe?

A microbe is an organism that holds bacteria that can cause you to become extremely ill. Microbes are contained in the disease rabies. If you got this disease before the vaccine it was deadly.

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The parts of a microbe

What did Louis Pasteur do?

  • He started out helping to prevent the diseases silkworm, anthrax, chicken cholera, and rabies.
  • He worked as a microbiologist
  • Louis found out that microbes soured drinks and came up with the process of pasteurization
  • He started out working on cures for animal diseases such asanthrax in sheep, erysipelas in swine, and chicken cholera in poultry.
  • When he was done working on that, he started studying the deadly disease rabies
  • Once he thought that he found out a treatment he tried it out on a boy that got bit by a dog that had rabies. The boy was bitten 12 times by the dog and was thought to die. Louis Pasteur tried the treatment and the boy made a full recovery.
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Problems in the start of the study.

When he started the study on microbes, he found that they were too small to even study. He needed to find out a way to make the tiny microbes grow. He first thought that sugar and water would make the microbes grow. After that did not work he had to try many more times. Finally, after many more attempts he found out that if you mix yeast, water, and sugar into a soup like substance, the microbes would grow in size. This way, Louis Pasteur could study the microbes.

Why was this so important?
Pasteur’s discoveries were so important for the life of thousands of people. Rabies and bacteria in drinks used to cause sickness and death. Both are very important treatments that we still use today.


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Microbiologist - Scientist that deal with the functions of microbes and the use of microbes.
Stroke - throbbing of the heart
Rabies - I sickness that is when an animal that had rabies bites you and can cause death if not treated.
Poultry – a valued meat
Micro – very small
Pasteurization – the process of heating and cool drinks to kill bacteria