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Early Life
  • Born on October 28, 1914 in New York, New York
  • Oldest of the three sons of Daniel and Dora Salk
  • The Salk’s moved to Bronx, New York shortly after Jonas’s birth
  • He was a thin and small child and was not very good at sports, but an excellent student

  • When he was only 12 years old, Jonas entered Townsend Harris High School for Gifted Students
  • He graduated Townsend Harris High School for Gifted Students at the age of 15
  • At the age of 16, Jonas went to the City of New York in 1934 to study law
  • He changed his mind and decided to pursue medicine
  • He went to medical school at New York University’s College of Medicine in 1939
  • 1939 Salk graduated medical school; one day later got married to Donna Lindsay

  • Jonas Salk invented the polio vaccine
  • Tested on living monkeys without polio
  • 440,000 children from 40 states received the polio vaccine
  • 210,000 children got the dummy vaccine
  • An iron lung breathed for polio victims artificially

Professional Life
  • In 1947, Jonas Salk began to work on Polio vaccine at the Virus Research Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine at the age of 25
  • On June 12, 1952, Jonas Salk went to the Watson Home and drew blood samples from 45 children
  • On April 12, 1955 his polio vaccine got released for use in the United States
  • In 1963, Jonas Salk went to San Diego as Head of the Institute (later named the Salk Institute) for biological studies

Late Life
  • Died on June 23, 1995 in La Jolla, California at the age of 81
  • Jonas Salk worked on an AIDS vaccine at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California until he died of heart failure

  • In 1957, Jonas Salk was named Professor of Experimental Medicine at Pittsburgh
  • In 1997, Jonas Salk was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

  • Polio, also known as poliomyelitis or infinite paralysis is an infectious viral disease which usually causes mild illness
  • When the virus attacks the central nervous system; it may lead to extensive paralysis or may be fatal
  • In areas with poor sanitation, children acquire lifelong immunity by becoming infected at a young age
  • Victims of polio can be young or old; mostly young
  • Polio can effect different parts of the nervous system
  • One form of polio causes paralysis of the muscles that enable people to breathe; most people died quickly until the iron lung was invented
  • The iron lung breathed artificially for the polio victim
  • Thousands of polio victims lived in warehouse-like rooms in hospitals unable to do little more than lie in iron lungs for twenty-four hours a day
  • 1890’s was the first outbreak of polio in the United States in Vermont
  • Thousands of polio victims lived in warehouse-like rooms in hospitals unable to do little more than lie in iron lungs for twenty-four hours a day
Fun Facts
  • 1944 Jonas Salk baby boy, Peter, was born
  • Remarkably it is estimated that 125 people were still living in iron lung in 2002
  • President Franklin Roosevelt got polio after swimming in a chilly lake
  • Wilma Rudolph, Olympic gold medalist was stricken with polio as a young child
  • Polio can strike a person of any age, but children 5 and under comprise 50% of its victims
  • The cost of the polio vaccination is only .11 cents in the United States.

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