Florence Sabin

By EmmaB987

Personal life:
Florence Sabin was a famous scientist who studied anatomy. She was born in Central City, Colorado. She was born on November 9, 1871 and died on October 3, 1953 in Denver, Colorado at age 81. She did not have any kids and she never got married. Her Mother (who was a homemaker) died when Florence was 7 years old. Her father was a Mining Engineer.
Florence earned her bachelor’s degree from Smith college.
Florence published the atlas of the medulla and midbrain
Florence was elected the first woman president of the American Association of Anatomists
Florence became the head of the department of cellular studies at the Rockefeller Institute for medical research
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Florence Sabin was most popular for publishing her atlas on the midbrain and medulla. She also worked with a scientist named Franklin Mall. She was the first woman to teach at John Hopkins. She spent most of her time researching about the brain of an embryo, which is the youngest stage of a baby. Her atlas eventually was used for a school textbook.

Information on Anatomy:
Anatomy is the study of the human body. The human body has many systems, such as the skeletal system, respiratory system, circulatory system, etc. An embryo is the earliest stage of development for a baby. Florence specifically studied the brain in an embryo. A baby at 31 weeks weighs about 3 pounds.

Five fun facts:
  1. I. There are around 370,000 babies born every day
  2. II. An average adult human brain weighs about as much as a toaster
  3. III. One human hair can hold the weight of a candy bar!
  4. IV. It is not possible for you to tickle yourself because your brain predicts it on what it already knows
  5. V. Humans have as much hair per square inch on our bodies as a chimpanzee

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