Ann Haven Morgan; Scientist, Conservationist, Teacher By: laurac541

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Early Life
  • Ann Haven Morgan was born on May 6th, 1882
  • She was christened Anna, but she changed her name to Ann around 1911
  • Her parents were Stanley and Julia Morgan
  • She has two siblings, a sister named Christine and a brother Stanley
  • Grew up on a farm in Connecticut
  • She showed her love for nature early as she played on her family’s farm
  • She was a rebellious and free-minded child
  • She attended Cornell University and Wellesley College
  • Wellesley was an all-girls university with many rules
  • Wellesley was very concerned about being ladylike
  • There were too many rules at Wellesley for Anna and as a result she often broke them
  • She transferred to Cornell University after a year at Wellesley, where she felt like an outcast
  • She got her Bachelor’s Degree in 1906 and her Ph.D. in 1912

Professional Life
  • Ann was a United States Zoologist, Ecologist, and Naturalist
  • Her special subject was botany but she showed great interest in zoology
  • She was especially interested in hibernating animals
  • Research, Conservation and Teaching were all subjects of importance to Morgan
  • During the summers, she taught a course at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Massachusetts on echinoderms (Marine invertebrates like starfish and sea urchins)
  • In the summer, she also worked at the Tropical Research Laboratory in Guyana
  • She was one of the only women to be excepted into the Entomological Society of America
  • She also studied insects and was especially interested in the mayfly
  • She served as a Chair of Zoology from 1914 to 1947
  • Her research included many biological problems including the zoology of water insects, the physiology of hibernating animals, and conservation and ecology
  • She was also a member of the National Committee on Policies in Conservation Education that had annual summer schools for teachers
  • She taught at Mount Holyoke college and inspired many women like Elisabeth Adams
  • She wrote a book called "The Field Book Of Ponds and Steams"
  • Her formal retirement was in 1947
  • She was involved in her work until the end of her life
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The Study of Zoology
  • Zoology is the study of animals
  • Can be viewed as an effort to analyze and classify animals
  • Before the Middle Ages zoology was mostly folklore and descriptions of animals
  • During the 12th century zoology began to evolve as a science
  • Zoology is a branch of science that has many different branches, each one specializing in a different type of animal
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