Charles Darwin

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This diragram shows Charles Darwin's theory of evolution of animals over time
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Fact about his life
  • He was born in Shrewsbury, England on February 12, 1809
  • During his childhood he was always outside collecting objects and catching small animals
  • He was very interested in nature
  • His father was a doctor of medicine and wanted him to study the same thing
  • Charles was sent to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland then to Cambridge to study to be a clergy man someone who does religious work
  • When Charles was a teenager he loved to go hunting
  • His father thought that he spent too much time on his hobbies and not enough time studying
  • Charles most common memories of his childhood was trying to break a window to get out of the room he was locked in for a punishment
  • He had an illness that made it hard for him to walk when he was in his forties
  • He died on April 1882

What is a Naturalist?
  • A naturalist studies the science of living things on the earth, and how they interact each other
  • They collect specimens of animals and plants

Adventures on the Beagle
  • In August 1831 Charles was offered a position as the naturalist and the captain’s companion on the H.M.S Beagle
  • The ship was going on a 2 year journey to make maps for the Royal Navy
  • Darwin collected many specimens and sent them back to Britain
  • During his voyage Darwin started to wonder about the many different species of plants and animals he discovered
  • He also wonder why and how changes in nature happened

Darwin’s Theory’s
  • Darwin theory of evolution was that animals and plants like this:
- Parents have young that are just slightly different than themselves
- More young are born than can thrive, the ones that features are better suited to their environment live and breed
- They breed and pass on their own helpful features to their young
- These tiny differences in features cause change over long periods of time

This is a map of Sherwsbury, England where Charles Darwin was born


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